This little piggy went to Central Market…Food

Adelaide’s Central Market a favourite food destination for multicultural cuisine and the freshest produce! What more can you want when feeling famished and seeking something a little different in a bustling atmosphere?

We chose some scrumptious food from a quirky little shop Jam Face, where the former contestant from Australia’s MasterChef  Poh and her best friend Sara magically founded her realisation of a dream. What utter delight it was when the Mulberry Buckwheat Pancakes arrived. I was almost licking the plate (Jam Face indeed) ….oh and the flaked almonds on top where the magic that brought the dish together. Coffee was right on point too.

Food at Jam Face Pancakes and great coffee

Mulberry buckwheat pancakes at Jam Face Adelaide Central Markets

With a tummy full it was off to see what other wonders can be found among the 70+ traders. That’s when we were stopped by the sweet smell of The Turkish Delight with flavours including rose, apple cinnamon, pineapple & poppyseed, nougat and even spearmint (mums favourite) so with a bag full of ‘delight’ we headed to find some cheese…we were then hit with the ‘a wall of cheese’ at the Say Cheese.

So much food at The Turkish Delight shop

The Turkish Delight shop at Adelaide Central Markets

OMG they have more cheese names than I have friends I tell you…so with a few yummy tastings we were well on our way to make an awesome cheese platter for the weekend ahead.

Cheese is food too Adelaide Central Markets

Say Cheese Adelaide Central Markets

Did you know there is somewhere else to taste amazing food? It’s called the Fleurieu Peninsula and Spirit of the Fleurieu offers the Fleurieu Forager Tour Packed full of local gourmet delights of the region.  We have tours for everyone locals, visitors, corporate and education groups.

OK gotta hit the road and let all this food digest. Oink Oink…😉


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