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Experiencing the Authentic Charm of Fleurieu Peninsula: An Invitation

About Us – The Connoisseurs of Fleurieu

The Fleurieu Peninsula is not just a place on the map. It’s an exquisite canvas of nature, an exhibition of time-honoured traditions, a saga of unfolding history, an adventure playground, and a renowned haven for some of Australia’s most awarded wines. This South Australian gem is where the untrammelled beauty of nature choreographs a breathtaking performance that leaves no heart untouched.

Like countless others, we too succumbed to Fleurieu’s charm and now, we want to share this love with the world.

The Birth of Spirit of the Fleurieu

Out of our deep-rooted affection for this region sprouted the Spirit of the Fleurieu. As seasoned residents of the Fleurieu Peninsula with nearly three decades under our belt, we didn’t just want to offer tours – we wanted to provide immersive experiences brimming with authentic local insights that only we could deliver.

Live a Day Like a Fleurieu Local

Our tours aren’t just about ticking off sights from a list. We offer you the key to unlock the peninsula’s soul. Journey from the winelands of McLaren Vale to the natural wonders of Deep Creek, then on to the charming Victor Harbor and beyond. We aim to let you in on the region’s best-kept secrets, its finest cuisine and wine, and its most mesmerising sights.

We Embrace Sustainable Tourism

Respect and responsibility lie at the core of our operations. In harmony with the land, we champion sustainable tourism, venerate the traditional indigenous custodians of the Fleurieu Peninsula, and work tirelessly towards conservation. Our tours aim not to leave a footprint, but an imprint of an unforgettable experience on the hearts of our guests.

Discover Fleurieu with Us

The true spirit of the Fleurieu Peninsula beckons. Are you ready to experience it? Book your tour today and let us, your local experts, guide you through the enchanting landscapes of Fleurieu and help you uncover its soul. Welcome aboard!

Meet Your Tour Guide, Malinda Roberts

Your Compassionate Guardian of Fleurieu: Malinda Roberts

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Fleurieu Peninsula as guided by the passionate and visionary host, Malinda Roberts. She is the spirited force behind Spirit of the Fleurieu, a venture born from her profound appreciation for the sublime allure of this region, and a robust commitment to preserving its unique ecology and cultural heritage for the prosperity of future generations.

Malinda comes with an enriching background in Environmental Management and Education, and as a dedicated Coastal Ambassador of the Fleurieu Peninsula, she’s ideally positioned to bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to your tour experience.

A Beacon of Sustainability & Eco-Tourism

Malinda’s mission extends beyond simply showcasing the beauty of Fleurieu. Her commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism underscores every facet of her operations. As she guides you through this magnificent terrain, Malinda instils the importance of treading lightly and respectfully, offering experiences that not only deepen your awareness of the environment but also contribute to minimizing our collective footprint on this cherished landscape.

Respecting Indigenous Legacy

In Malinda’s stewardship, the indigenous history of Fleurieu is honoured, told, and woven into every tour. This practice is more than just a part of the itinerary; it’s a heartfelt acknowledgement of the Aboriginal people, their rich history, and their traditional custodianship of these lands that are now shared with others.

Spirit of the Fleurieu: The Heartbeat of South Australia

At the heart of Spirit of the Fleurieu is a dedication to providing guests with an authentic encounter with the soul of South Australia. The commitment extends beyond the tour, with Malinda and her team striving to offer a superior level of customer service, coupled with respect, education, and a transformative experience. Every tour, every time.

Whether you’re seeking an insightful adventure, ecological enlightenment, or the chance to walk in the steps of an ancient culture, under Malinda’s guidance, you’re in the most capable and caring of hands.