We truly believe that the Fleurieu Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in South Australia and even in the Southern Hemisphere.

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We are a company that provides you with outstanding, fully personalised and immensely appealing tours in the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Not only do you get to enjoy mesmerising wine tours, but you can also explore the stunning McLaren Vale and immerse yourself into the beauty of the entire region. We lived here for a very long time and we love the great, natural spirit provided by this region. And that’s why we created Spirit of the Fleurieu Tours in the first place, to help guide others through this amazing peninsula as we share with them some of the coolest locations and experiences that they can find anywhere on the planet.

Our primary focus is to bring you a great set of wine tours while also personalising the entire experience as you see fit. You get to be very close to nature and explore locations that you just can’t find anywhere else. Our tours are experiential, they are specifically designed to cater to your own needs and you can always adapt them as you see fit. We truly believe that with our help you will get to explore and experience the Fleurieu Peninsula the way you always wanted.

We don’t take you only on a scenic route. Instead we help you explore every corner of the peninsula if you want. This means visiting the McLaren Vale, wineries and some of the older vestiges that you can find on the peninsula. We truly want you to be happy and to enjoy the entire experience. All you have to do is to contact us and we will be more than impressed with the quality and value provided by our tours.

The Fleurieu Peninsula is an extraordinary place, one that has great ecological diversity and resounding grandeur all the time. Instead of just visiting a location, you get to live it by immersing yourself into that unique place exploring the spectacular beaches, healthy vineyards and all the other cool things you can only find here.

If you like the idea of having immediate access to guided experiences on the Fleurieu Peninsula, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us right away.

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Malinda’s vision for her nature based tourism business operates to maintain as much of the natural heritage as possible so her clientele may experience the areas she operates in all its natural glory.

With her background in Environmental Management and Education and is a local Coastal Ambassador for the region, it seems only natural that Malinda is ready to share her knowledge and passion with others. She is highly motivated to continue providing the best customer service while preparing and operating responsible tours aimed at supporting education and the viability of Nature Preserves in the region and the effective protection of our cultural heritage.

There is no doubt about Malinda’s passion to the protection and conservation of all terrestrial and marine environments of the Fleurieu and the world. Understanding that the environment is already under threat and that responsible eco-tourism has a significant role to play in the sustainable management of these environments.

She also believes the aboriginal spiritual history of Fleurieu shared on the tours is not only integral to a complete visitor experience but also a genuine acknowledgment of the aboriginal people, their history and their traditional ownership of the lands now co-inhabited by others.

Spirit of the Fleurieu Tours is the platform that Malinda has created to share the culture, heritage and natural beauty of the region to those who want to experience an authentic insight into the heart and soul of South Australia.

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